Don’t Miss Out – Take Your Event Virtual

Online Event Organiser

The world has gone virtual. Events on Zoom and Microsoft Teams are the new normal. Our virtual platform to the overwhelming interest in the marketplace. In fact, it’s safe to say – virtual is here to stay and companies will be offering a hybrid of live/virtual post-pandemic times.

We’ve compiled some learnings and best practices to share with you so that your virtual events will have the same immersive and creative touch as your live events. Read: Your events are more than a webinar or zoom call!

For us, an event is still anchored around Great Content, Production Value, and Human Connections.

So what does going Virtual mean? Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your virtual event.


• Re-design your agenda and keep it short and engaging. No one wants to sit in front of their computer logged into an all-day event.
• Invest in a platform – even better if you check out ours and then rush to contact us.
• Content is still King/Queen – in fact, we would say if the content was king before – it’s more thankful now. Whereas your venue and ancillary events created an experience – now you have to rely on your content to carry you.
• Invest in your production – a fully produced program with an audiovisual team to create a polished production along with a fully managed web streaming. Don’t forget your ‘ship to presenter kits’ to set your speakers up for success.
• When considering your platforms – Use zoom or other video conferencing for breakouts while keeping your main stage production with a managed live stream and a/v partners.
• Don’t forget a guest speaker or MC – they are good at this new virtual reality we’re in.

Provide human connections:

• Networking and 1:1s – are all available in our virtual platform so attendees can connect with one another.
• Exhibits and sponsor engagement = revenue. Your ‘booth’ can be a spot for downloadable material or an opportunity to set up meetings.
• Entertainment – the event industry is proving its creativity and resilience and we’re in awe of all the great options out there for virtual entertainment and interaction.
• Integrate social platforms, virtual swag bags – etc.

In short, everything you did at your live event is done virtually. Most importantly you gain valuable data and analytics as to which content is resonating with your attendees.

We’re reimagining events and hope you’ll come on this journey and make your online event successful.