How to Keep Online Event Secure

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In the rush to pivot to digital, it is essential to do a security risk assessment for your virtual event. Keeping your attendees’ information private and your event content safe is a top priority. Hosting a secure virtual event is crucial for the reputation of your brand or organization, so keeping security at the forefront of planning is essential. Here are four ways you can keep your Online event secure:

Provide Delegates with Online Event Security Tips

Creating a brief document for your delegates that outlines the Dos and Dont’s of attending a virtual event. This can include not sharing links online publicly, not sharing their login details with anyone, creating strong passwords, and not using public WiFi networks.

Unwelcome Attendees

Using a dedicated registration system that is linked with your virtual platform will ensure that only delegates who are registered can access the platform. Choose a virtual platform that is security protected via a number of login layers. Our platform is highly protected in the form of a three-step login process. Attendees have to be login with their email that has been preloaded in the back end, this can be set in the back end so they can’t just login with any email, creation of own personal password which attendees would set and verify themselves and then an event-specific passcode which is only sent out to invited attendees.

Turn Off Screen Sharing Options

Limiting sharing capabilities to trusted speakers/moderators only. Even if there are no unwelcome attendees, you could still have delegates accidentally sharing their screens. By turning off the option, you avoid any uncomfortable situations where someone shares a screen with unrelated content.

Continue to Monitor Your Event

Throughout the live event, the meeting host or event lead should continue to check who is logged into the meeting, to ensure that if there was a breach it can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

We are an experienced virtual event management company to plan and execute your event will help you with all of the security concerns.