How to Make the Most of Your Next Corporate Team Building Event

Team Building Company

We as one of the most popular team building companies have an experienced team of professionals that specialize in activities for team building in Gurgaon. The team-building programs include fun activities and workshops.

Your team is having issues. Deadlines are falling by the wayside or maybe quality has been subpar. How do you strengthen the group and get back on track? It sounds like a Team Building event could be the solution. But what type of event should you choose? There are so many options out there. Someone is suggesting a bowling night … let’s pause the tape here.

great idea if you need to build a relationship, have a good night and blow off the steam, but if you want to solve another problem, keep looking. PINGPONG MOMENTS is about ensuring that you can choose an event that effectively solves your team’s unique problems. We have also developed an online tool that allows you to organize and start events by impact.

Experienced event personnel goes one step further by listening to customer needs and discussing key points to identify problem areas. They work with you to suggest which events will best convey your perspective to your employees. For example, a customer can call us to book a group scavenger hunt. First, the event representative takes a step back and asks the client what goals they want to achieve in this team-building activity. In this example, the client wants to focus on getting to know each other and understanding each other’s perspectives across the audience, including all levels of management. Today, Scavenger Hunt is a great team building event designed to boost morale, improve relationships, improve communication and, of course, see the sights and sounds of the city. However, if the main goal is to bring groups together and collaborate as a whole throughout the event, scavenger hunts are not the perfect solution as most of the events divide the participants into smaller individual groups. In this case, we know the client’s goals for the event, so instead suggest an event like a team challenge.

The Team Challenge has similar important points but keeps groups in one place for the duration of the event. In addition, teams can compete with each other to ensure that teams patrol the stations and interact with everyone in the group. The Team Challenge also offers activity stations that are specifically designed to match the key objectives of the event. And if desired, we end the event with a Deep Skills Debrief which is an open discussion that ties each activity to the real-world application. And there are other great options as well but this gives a quick example as to why it is important to talk through your event goals with someone like PINGPONG MOMENTS to ensure you pick the RIGHT event for your team. And, no matter what you set as your desired takeaways, PINGPONG MOMENTS is one of the growing event management companies in Gurgaon that has a solution that is fun, engaging, and effective.

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