How to Successfully Plan an Online Event?

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Online Events have quite recently taken the event industry by a storm — and for good reason. Well, virtual events have been the buzz for quite some time, especially in times of a pandemic that’s been a great case of concern around the world. However, if you evaluate the trend considering the event matrix of the Indian Event Industry – we haven’t explored its full potential yet.

As event professionals, the word Virtual Event Management would have crossed paths with you quite often. As time is going on, We are putting on more online events ourselves and helping our clients put on virtual events.

PINGPONG MOMENTS has come up with a list of different ways to successfully plan a virtual event and make the user experience remarkable!

Have high impact virtual events

Virtual events deliver scalability and reach to every time zone, a focused and ‘contained’ story, and the ability to act as ‘brand glue’ for companies in between larger in-person events

One thing that live events have that virtual events don’t, is the impact attendees feel when they walk into the event. There are a ton of lights, music, and other things going on to grab their attention. In a virtual setting, that feeling is a little harder to create, but not impossible. The kinds of virtual events that aren’t successful are the ones where it just feels like a Zoom meeting or a meeting in a conference room where someone is reading off of slides. That’s a sure-fire way to lose your attendee’s focus.

Even in a virtual setting, you can have music playing when the attendees first join. You can also use custom backgrounds and branding to keep them focused and engaged the way they would be in a live event or having speakers that are engaging and lively is a great way to create a high-impact virtual event! PINGPONG MOMENTS just recently gave our local virtual event management company a facelift to provide solutions for almost any virtual environment and natural environment. Our new online event includes:

• An LED wall that is just under 180 degrees with HD resolution
• LED wraps custom curved stage, which fits within contours of the LED wall
• Vinyl wrapped stage in chroma green for green screen options with the ability to be carpeted for natural set
• LED can be used as a digital backdrop or green screen for full green screen surround
• All lighting is automated with full-color mixing abilities

In a virtual event, however, people aren’t traveling into town. They are joining you from their own home, which makes the format of your event a little different. In this situation, people are coming for engaging content that they can digest and use, not necessarily the happy hour and the entertainment.

If you want to incorporate a little fun or entertainment into your corporate virtual events you could hire a comedian to perform during the event, just don’t overdo it. A little here and there will go a long way. You can also find top-notch talent in your industry to speak at your event and strengthen the message you’re getting across!

If you have a virtual event coming up or need help planning one, consult with PINGPONG MOMENTS who has experience working with many different customers in different fields. PINGPONG MOMENTS is the one-stop solution Online Event Organiser, India.

We are the best event company that can teach you what to do and what not to do to help create an impactful virtual event agenda to make your virtual event a success. Contact us today to set up a time to meet and discuss your event!