The Best Team Building Event Organisers In Gurgaon

Employee Engagement Activities


Team building events involve careful planning, exemplary execution, and a systematic tactic to show results. That’s just what we endeavor to attain here at PING PONG MOMENTS. We design and deliver a variety of team building activities every year, each tailor-made with participant’s commitment as the core focus.

With over 10 years as a leading event management company in the region, our experience has helped us to understand what truly makes corporate teambuilding events successful – the enjoyment of those taking part. For the lessons learned during an activity to be effectively internalized the experience itself has to be memorable, and the sure way to achieve this is to make it fun. We create the most pleasant events that stick in people’s minds, allowing participants to gain the benefits long after the team building event has ended.

PINGPONG MOMENTS is one of the well-established and respected team building event organisers which has set a standard for team building professionals across the country. We believe that our professionals are our greatest resource. PING PONG MOMENT’s team members are carefully chosen, highly skilled, and meticulously trained. Their excitement is key to the success of our dynamic events. We have all the resources, experience, and drive to design & deliver intelligent & focused creations that work for you and adapt to your goals, creating lasting memories and forming a healthy ethos amongst your team members.

Unlike tangible assets that you can effortlessly trade, the loyalty and dedication of your employees is not something you can buy. Studies have shown that group dynamics not only improves when employees feel a sense of belonging at work, they also reach their peak performance and would hold more accountability for their duties. Trust among colleagues has to be natural not solely from working together on projects, but also from leisure activities.

PING PONG MOMENTS offers a series of remote team activities that are fun and unique to maximize employee happiness, engagement, and retention. As we all know, communication is one of the crucial keys we see in a hierarchy.

Every Single team works as a body, from the head to the toe, all must be clear to perform what they are supposed to do! As the study says, communication is the key to teamwork. You know what they say, “Teamwork makes the dream work!”

​All The Way Through getting along with one another out of the office, also helps the team to continue building the bond in spite of the places and hindrances they face in their daily lives! To enthusiastically engage with one another and most importantly, IT’S FUN! Our distant, face-to-face and hybrid team activities improve teamwork, collaboration, and effective communication in teams. Invest in your business’s success with a tailored package of team building exercises that will improve communication, boost morale, and promote creative thinking and problem-solving. Our custom-made events encourage the development of working relationships through our team bonding exercises.

PING PONG MOMENTS team building events have been praised and really appreciated by businesses and their teams. In turn, this has generated a great reputation that we pride ourselves on. Founded in 2010, PING PONG MOMENTS is a full-service event management company. We’ve progressively sculpted out a niche within the meetings, incentives, conferences, events segment in the Indian event management scene. Based in Gurgaon, our team is proficient in managing business conferences, sports events, virtual events, team building events, corporate events, product launches, etc for our clients.