Top 5 Virtual Event Management Companies in India

PINGPONG MOMENTS is a full-service Event management planning Company in Delhi NCR, India. Our Event management involves visualizing concepts, planning, budgeting, organizing. Executing events such as concerts, corporate events, digital events, conferences & seminars, virtual team building, theme parties, product launching etc.

Virtual Event management has largely evolved over the last couple of years. Unfortunately, the on-ground events had been shelved due to the pandemic, which eventually resulted in the boom of the ‘virtual event Industry.

Event management companies play a vital role in event industries. Involved in the organization’s virtual world and help their clients organize successful events.

Overall, by handling all the crucial activities, virtual event management companies make it simple for the business to plan events. In addition.

We plan, produce and manage Virtual events in the India and worldwide

Your event from a new perspective

Our team works with you to understand your objectives and legacy, reworking your content to make it sing in a virtual space.

Actionable data. Better events

We treat your data with the care it deserves, providing in-depth, real-time breakdowns of how your event is performing.

Your virtual platform

A bespoke virtual platform, developed to fit the needs of your brief and audience, all managed by the best in the industry.

A World Class Virtual Event Production

Whether taking place over a few hours or a few days, our comprehensive virtual event service will ensure your live streams flow seamlessly, from bridging in remote speakers to managing the content on screen.

Our strategy

Through in-depth consultancy we deliver objectives-driven, content-focused events which place your audience at the heart of everything we do.

An expert team from start-to-finish

Live Group have the expertise in-house to build your virtual event from the ground up. That means stable technology, robust content planning and the highest quality production.

Explore A 360° Realm Of Virtual Events, With Our Digital Platform, We Give You The Power To Connect Virtually With Your Team Based Remotely And Customize Your Event To Meet Your Business Goals.

As one of the top 5 virtual event management companies in India to manage your strategy and planning event. We Give You The Power To Connect Virtually With Your Team Based Remotely And Customize Your Event To Meet Your Business Goals. Let’s talk about your virtual event today!