Top Sports Event Management Companies In Delhi NCR

Sports Event Management Companies

PINGPONG MOMENTS is India’s most respected full-service Sports Event Management Company in India with a capacity for innovation that is helping to transform the industry. These innovations have enhanced every area of sports marketing including distribution of sports rights, host broadcast, digital media, program production, event operations, brand development, sponsorship, and online entertainment.

There is a number of top Sports Event Management Company in Delhi NCR, committing to one should only be done after proper screening. There are many factors that need to be looked upon while making the final selection. Some of these include the event objective, budget and the reason for hiring an external source. Use the following guide to decide which candidate would be the perfect fit for the role of your event management:

• Determine the objective of the event and why you need to hire an external source: The majority of people think that hiring an event planner starts by analyzing the budget for the event. This is not true. The most important thing to start by is the determination of why you actually want to hold the event in the very first place. You need to tell the event management company about questions such as who, when, where, why, what and how.

Once the objectives are clear, the ideas about the theme and the final message of the event will also start emerging. But, first of all, you need to determine what services and activities you want the external resource to take care of on your behalf. Also, determine a budget for the event planner and discuss if they’ll also help you in selecting the venue, building the menus and making the recommendations on food and beverages, entertainment and source speakers.

• Narrow down the options by taking advice from friends: Going on your gut instinct is not always good. Taking final advice from your friends, coworkers or even colleagues will help you in checking the candidate’s references too. Make sure to ask the name of the clients the candidate company has worked for in the past.

• Make use of local resources to search the qualified event planner: Many times, people consider the word of mouth to be the best way for selecting an event planner. This certainly helps. However, it is not the most effective approach if you are trying to search for the best company for your event. It is wise to find someone who is not only well-experienced but also holds a strong reputation within the community. Word of mouth offers an opportunity to a planner who just wants to find new clients.

Whether it is a corporate meeting or a social event, the thumb rule in hiring the best Event Company in Gurgaon remains the same. You want to hire someone who is an expert in creating exactly what you want. We are well connected with managers of almost all celebrities. Besides, celebrity management, we undertake artist management as well. We have some of the best performers on our list.

We also have a national and international partner network that enables us to execute events anywhere in India. We have been servicing the sports event management requirements of our clients for various sports ground in all over India & more than 15years experience in event services industry. Call us at +919891406080 or Mail us @