7 Reasons Why Hiring A Professional Theme Party Organiser for Your Event

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Are you planning a theme party for your organisation? Do we bet you are wondering why you should hire a professional theme party planner while it can easily be pulled off if you plan it yourself?


We PINGPONG MOMENTS is one of the named in the field of event planner in Gurugram, Delhi NCR, India. We can help with all types of themed parties. We can help develop your theme into reality for your event. Using stunning decor and drapery, props and lighting, any venue and any location can be transformed.

We love organising party with our unique work. As one of the leading theme party planners, we provide you with your party planner and access to a creative design team. We work with you, help with ideas and put together a party to remember…

And to help you understand better why getting an event planner for your employee’s party is the right choice you’ll make, we have compiled a list of 7 good reasons that highlight the advantages of hiring one!

  1. A Professional Event Planner Can Save You a Lot of Time

    In planning a theme party there are so many things that need be taken care of, and this is where professional event organisers can step in and save a great deal of time for you. On the other hand, a professional event management company knows how to arrange things well and on time. So, you can stay relaxed and stress-free on your kid’s special day!

  2. Creativity is Their Forte!
    On the special theme party day, we have many creative ideas and we can help you come up with innovative ideas for the event that will keep your guests entertained and leave an unforgettable impression of your event!
  3. Their Knowledge and Experience Will Make Things Easier For You
    Since working to come up with the best party experience is their utmost priority, event planners know and are well-experienced in the execution and arrangement of all requirements you would need for your theme party! Your guests will be more than impressed to see by the way the event planners have organised the event for you.
  4. Your Event Organiser Will Take Care of Your Party Budget!
    Well, that won’t be the case when it comes to hiring a professional theme party organiser. You can easily leave it to the experts who will keep everything ready that too without exceeding your expense limit! Their experience in working for varied budgeted events is the reason why they know how to pull a party off even in a small budget!
  5. They know the best service providers in the city

Theme Invites
Venue Management
F&B Catering
Theme Decoration
Audio-Video (Dj, Projectors, Live Bands etc.)
Artists & Entertainers (Host, Game Host, Clown, Magician, Jugglers, Face-painters, Tattoo-artists, Tarot Card reader, Bangle-maker, Potter etc.)
Games & Activities (Indoor/Outdoor/Game-stalls etc.)
Videographer & Photographer
Gifts & Return Gifts………..

Their expertise lies in identifying the best service providers in the city based on your budget! So, whether it’s a professional photographer to want to hire or the best event decorator for your party theme, you can consult your event planners, for they can easily give you a good list of vendors to choose from!

6. They Know the Best Theme Party Venues for You

Not only do these people know about the best of party venues in your city, but they can also get the most suitable and budget-friendly venue for your party! They also help you book the right venue for your party for your upcoming birthday party at a great discount!

7. The Plan, You Enjoy!

Last but the most important of all factors in organising a theme day party is that you should enjoy the time with your colleagues, your guests, and relatives. See your employees and enjoy the time at the party and share some happy moments with your closed ones?

And this is why it’s better to hire a professional event planner than take everything in your hands because stressing about the small things during your event will eventually defeat the purpose of having one!

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