How to Plan Corporate Event?

Corporate Event Management services

Planning a corporate event can be simple and easy with the right amount of planning and thought. While you may feel overwhelmed if you break your process into steps you can manage your event one task at a time.

It won’t come as a surprise that Gurugram City is a highly popular location for industry events. The name alone is a big draw, without the hundreds of major events that are held every year in Gurugram. A long list of event venues and accommodation options makes the city even more desirable.

Whether event planning is your primary responsibility or a secondary task you’ve taken on, planning a corporate event can take a lot out of you. Involving an intelligent, experienced third party in your large corporate function is crucial to success. From the onset of the planning stages to execution, corporate events have a lot of moving parts. Let us help.

Planning a corporate party involves a lot of waiting around for responses and confirmation from others. So get started with the planning process as soon as possible.

• Venue selection & procurement
• Entertainment & speaker contracts
• Staffing and equipment
• Production & technology management
• Food & drinks
• Set the date
• Pick a Theme
• Music

12+ Years of Corporate Event Planning

• Budgeting
• Marketing & advertising
• Transportation, parking & logistics
• Event cleanup
• Performance & measurability
• Speeches and Awards
• Photography
• Seating plans

Whether you’re planning a corporate event for 10 guests or 1,000, PINGPONG MOMENTS will work with you to create an experience that exudes comfortable elegance and impeccable taste. And on the day of your event, our team steps quietly into the background so you can sparkle in the spotlight.

PINGPONG MOMENTS is respected for its inventive ideas and collaborative work style. Vast industry connections facilitate access to vendors and luxury properties.


Whether you’re planning a corporate event like a product launch, sports day, team building activities and annual day PINGPONG MOMENTS is the top event management company with the vast experience, connections and impeccable taste will make it come together beautifully.

We can help you plan the perfect event with our team. If you would like to discuss your requirements, check availability or ask questions please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.