A Well-Planned Product Launch Event is Essential For A Brand To The Success Of A New Product

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We Help To Launch New Products

PINGPONG MOMENTS is one of the top corporate event management companies in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon understand that a product launch represents a unique opportunity to maximise publicity, promotional exposure and market penetration. For this reason, and because a new product can only be launched once – the production and execution must be perfect. Launch a new product is an important opportunity to make a great first impression. A successful product launch will attract, inform and engage your target audience about your product and business and provide that critical initial momentum.

From the concept of the venue location to the completed innovative event, we carefully event manage an unforgettable product launch leaving you and your guests to simply enjoy it. We are also a well-named best product launch event management company in Gurugram. We deal in the following categories regarding the launch of the new product given below.

• Deep Research
• Launch Strategy
• Viral Marketing
• Public Relations
• Positioning & Messaging
• Social Media Networking
• Overall Design & Implementation

We work with start-ups and established companies across a variety of industries and are comfortable working with a long run-up to launch or as part of a more immediate need. Either way, we will execute a launch plan that delivers measurable results and high impact.

Our Approach and Process

Unless your product or service is truly revolutionary, in our experience it is better to plan a rolling launch, rather than a ‘big bang’ launch, thereby building momentum and allowing industry a chance to absorb and respond your news, whilst continually releasing new and creative content to sustain engagement.

Using state-of-the-art intelligent and futuristic science, we provide a complete range of creative, technical, and organisational event support.