Benefits of Hiring an Event Planner for a Virtual Event

Virtual Event Planners

Virtual event planning is taking the stage as the next big thing in the industry where technology develops and improves at an impressive speed; it’s our job as events profs to keep up with the motions. So why not be the one who takes the first step into more engaging, sustainable events that can connect thousands of people from around the world at lower costs.

Though you could conduct a virtual meeting using in-house resources, oftentimes many companies do not have access to the equipment and expertise required to produce a seamless virtual event. With virtual events, a well-executed deployment is essential; there’s little margin for error. Otherwise, you easily run the risk of a virtual event failure, wasting time, and valuable resources in the process.

Our virtual concierge service is state-of-the-art. It harnesses technology to get the job done! Our team is a master’s in the area of planning and design as they are event business professionals who run their own event venues, webinars, conference, exhibition, meetings, training, and decor business, so they know what’s needed to pull off an event. They‘ve also planned their own annual day functions and they also know a client’s requirements for their big day.

Virtual Event Planner plans a complete event with their clients mostly online. It eliminates the need for face-to-face/physical meetings thus cuts down on costs. It means also that the planner can plan any event in any location regardless of where the planner and the event are located.

What an event planner can offer, in addition to peace of mind, is a plethora of support and know-how. An event company can provide:

1. Guidance Through the Meeting Platform

A virtual event planner can guide you through the best practices for conducting an effective virtual event. Likewise, they can help you develop a virtual event strategy for obtaining your desired training outcomes.

2. Global-Wide Technical Support

As experts in virtual event planning, we have the capability to place our team in multiple locations creating powerful redundancy as a backup system so that if power or internet access goes out in one location, the meeting can continue (assuming presenter locations are spread out or there are no power/internet issues).

3. Management of the Event Details

Event planners manage all the details involved in your virtual event from the registration process to the critical technology components.

An event planner can develop a strategic, detailed timeline with alternative options to accommodate multiple schedules – a key part of ensuring greater enrolment and participation.

An event planner takes all of the responsibility of managing the details by following up with attendees to make sure they have the information needed to register and technical requirements to participate successfully.

We can also take the burden off of the presenters by formatting all presentations, videos, and additional content so that your virtual meeting consists of a series of smooth transitions.

Lastly, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of the equipment used to conduct your event. An event planner can provide the highest quality of equipment necessary to conduct a top-notch virtual experience.

Having your event executed via Virtual Planning is also very affordable without compromising on the quality of the service. Please see our affordable and customizable pricing list and contact us for a consultation.