Best Practice for virtual Events!

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One thing’s for sure – we’ve all had to adapt our event activity rapidly during these last twelve months. One of the biggest is that whilst the “experience” of any event is important, content is still, and always will be King!

We’ve probably all seen a lot of research that has been conducted into online events and their challenges.

• Keep sessions and segments short, lively, and fast-paced – 30 minutes virtual = 90 minutes live. There is no such thing as speakers and presentations, just on-screen segments that keep people engaged.
• Less is more – Focus your resources to make sure every session is polished, relevant, and compelling—even if that means fewer segments.

• Embrace the format – You have to compensate for the energy and engagement that naturally happens when you put 2,000 people in a room together. As a result, virtual event content has to be more planned, scripted, and produced.

• Change your content development mindset – Look for ways to push the boundaries.

• Plan and prepare for a longer, more difficult content development process – Content has to be finalized at least a month before the event. This is not an artificial deadline. Winging it is a disaster waiting to happen.

• Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse

• Don’t be afraid to mix business messaging with social activities. Trial different agendas and create different show formats

Top 5 Tips for Success

Here are my top five tips:
Tip #1: Breathe – and don’t rush
Breathe! It can be really tempting to rush and try and get through everything you want to say, but if you breathe, you will relax and you will come across much more confident.
Tip #2: Sit up – look confident
Sit upright. If you are sitting in a chair, you have the tendency to “slouch”, as I say. So, sit upright. It will give you a good posture and it will make you come across much more confident and professional.
Tip #3: Own the time you have
Know what it is that you want to say. This is your time to talk, so own that time!
Tip #4: Look smart – feel smart
Wear professional clothing. If you wear the right clothing, you will feel professional. You’ll come across far more confident.
Tip #5: A smile goes a long way
Smile! If you smile, you will come across a lot warmer, more professional, and much more confident.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Lots of tips along the way. Hopefully, you’ve found it useful and interesting and can use it the very next time you present virtually. Having said this, these tips are only a good starting point, and can’t replace a full-fledged presentation training that can help you get up to pace with other presenters in the community, who are already getting great results with virtual presentations. Let the expert’s guide you on what all have changed in the world of presentations, and what works best for when you are delivering presentations online.

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