Top 10 Benefits Of Virtual Team Building

Virtual Team Building

COVID-19 push corporate companies to switch physical team building to virtual Team Building.

Despite these crazy changes we are impressed by how companies and people have come together and are managing to get on with it. With so much going on this is the perfect time to get together online via zoom!

After all we are living in a pandemic and your team will need that boost. Here is why you should provide a virtual team building activity for your remote team.

Boost Team Morale
When a team exhibits good morale, there is excitement and enthusiasm generated. This creates an optimistic approach towards the team effort and motivation. In these times boosting morale and bringing the team together have never been more important.

Combat Loneliness
As everyone has to stay at home loneliness is a dangerous emotion that is sure to creep in. Some people may escape to work as it could be a form of socializing for them. A virtual team building activity will help bring people who may be feeling lonely into a group and will give them the chance to chat to another human being. Some people who live on their own may go through a long time without talking to someone.

Increase Productivity
Working from home can make it extremely difficult to concentrate on work. A virtual team building game will bring your team together and it will encourage employees to learn to work together more effectively and help remind them of their working goals. Remind people that we are in this together and we are still a great team.

The game can be played anywhere at any time. It can be personalised to your company so you are able to get a message across and help motivate your staff who may be feeling down in these current times.

Increase Collaboration
When relationships between employees are strong, they are better able to communicate, work together, problem solve and manage conflicts. The goal of our activity is designed to strengthen relationships and collaboration in these hard times. Our virtual game is here to help team members change their mindset from a “me” mentality to a “we” mentality.

Increase Motivation
During these difficult times we can often find we are being distracted by depressing news updates throughout the day. These interruptions make it difficult for teams to motivate themselves to get up and do work in the same way as before this crisis. A fun virtual team building activity gives teams an hour to forget about the outside world and motivates the team to keep calm and carry on working.Encourage Creativity
Creativity can dramatically fall when you are stuck at home without the rest of your team. If you are used to bouncing ideas off of each other to come up with new and exciting ideas you could find yourself frustrated at the idea of a long period without your colleagues. A remote team building event gives you the time to get inspired and come together as one team.

Positive Reinforcement


Virtual team building can reinforce positive behaviour when working from home. For example, if your team have got an important project that needs to be completed by the end of the week why not book in a fun remote team building activity as a way of rewarding the hard work? Low Cost
During these unprecedented times we all know that budgets are tight especially for activities that may not be classed as an essential function. However virtual team building events boast a much lower cost than the usual team building events on offer. They have the natural benefit of zero venue costs due to the fact that they take place inside your very own home! With this in mind the benefits of running a virtual team building event far out weighs the minimal cost to organise.


Improve Communication In Difficult Times
During these tough times individuals who are stuck at home may feel isolated, resulting in a negative effect on communication skills. It is during these difficult times that communication has never been more important. Spending times with colleagues through remote team building allows individuals to catch up with colleagues and enjoy time together.

There is no doubt that we are currently going through an unprecedented time that we have not had time to plan for. We are also very uncertain about what the future holds for us. What we do know is that coming together as a community has never been more important. Coming together as a team at work is also essential. Are you ready to build a successful team and bounce back stronger than ever when we return to normal? This is your time to come together.