Games for Virtual Team Building

Virtual team building activities

The principles of the Virtual team-building activities we offer rely on bringing teams together from different sectors and working together towards an end goal… However, until such times as events can take place or measures are put in place following government advice to allow events to be run safely. we understand the need for businesses to keep their team’s morale up, company goals focused, and ensure that individuals do not feel isolated.

At a time where companies are trying to reserve their funds to ensure the longevity of their businesses, we’ve put some ideas together for some virtual team building activities that you can engage your teams.

Virtual Escape Room

Get your team linked into an online video conferencing tool such as zoom, make one person the conference leader, and start giving the clues –
Find a coffee mug??
Show something with the letter S?
Recreate an image of the Statue of Liberty?

Get to know your team

Everybody is given three subjects to talk about; a favorite picture, book etc. This is a great way to get people talking and introduce new members to an established team

Virtual Quiz Competition

Who doesn’t love a quiz? and it doesn’t have to be one person organizing it! Each member of your team can pick a genre from an emailed list and come up with five questions, alternatively, there are plenty of example quizzes online

Team building Bingo

Make a board and circulate it to your teams – set a timeline for each team member to ask another member a series of questions and they get a point for anything they learn from a co-worker that relates to a box on their bingo board. You can then award prizes based on a line or full house as in a normal game – or of course, just play a standard game of bingo!


One player will describe a picture or diagram to the other players and ask them to recreate it following simple instructions as directed by them such as draw a line from the top of an A4 page to the bottom 12cm long at a 45-degree angle. You can add colors, shapes etc and the closest match to the original picture wins! – it’s a great way of improving communication skills!

Virtual charades

To be played as per the original game but why not instead of making it based on famous films or celebrities make it a little more difficult and base it on office scenarios that you personally face? – difficult customers, jammed printer, power cut or buzz words relating to your business?

These are just a few ideas, the list is endless but in this difficult scenario that we find ourselves faced with, don’t lose faith, there are still other ways to have fun with your teams!

Hopefully, things are looking up and we will be back to doing what we love soon! We can’t wait to be back with our amazing clients having huge amounts of fun and strengthening your teams but until then stay safe!