Creating Exceptional Virtual Events for Corporate

Virtual Events for Corporate

Now-a-days corporate is more comfortable with the look and feel of virtual meetings, virtual team building, planners can take advantage of the feedback that we’ve learned to make these meetings more compelling. It can be easy to feel lost in the virtual space, without the organic flow of running into an old friend. But with the right features, there are ways to create personal interactions in the virtual events, offering more direct value for guests.

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The interactions, with speakers, other guests, colleagues, and leadership are valuable takeaways from a meeting. It’s possible to recreate some of those interactions virtually, but the opportunity for spontaneous conversations and smaller group interactions is not always available. By bringing those opportunities into your virtual space, you can offer that missing element to guests.


Undeniably, guests get excited to see other people’s faces on their screens—that sense of instant connection that the virtual meeting world provides us in a time when we’re otherwise apart. Given the endless group and conference calls that guests experienced in recent months, each one-on-one interaction needs context and a clear goal. These online meetings allow guests to set their own pace and have their specific questions answered without fear of running out of time or being missed by the moderator. Based on information in their shared profiles, two guests might meet for coffee and talk about a project that one of them is working on, exploring new perspectives together. Or they might simply chat about how their rescue dogs are both named after their favorite authors, sharing a laugh and a fun conversation between breakouts.


The energy and passion of a keynote speaker or presenter can lift the spirits and fire up the guests’ drive, whether they represent in a ballroom or watch room for their home office. But why not take that boost a step further for guests? For incentive winners or high performers, individual coaching sessions, Q&As, or just a one-on-one coffee date with a keynote speaker offers individual access and the chance for face time with these inspirational guests. The opportunity for this kind of interaction can even be built into the event itself, offering guests a chance to enter to win based on completing event-related tasks like participating in a Q&A or having their name randomly drawn from the guest list. The chance to win adds an element of gamification, motivating guests to participate and engage during larger format elements.


Virtual events are still experimental. With each one, the goal is to get better and better, developing content and experiences that guests will enjoy and find valuable. To keep that forward momentum, constructive feedback from guests is key. Looking back at the effectiveness of standard collection methods, like post-event surveys, and investigate whether your guests usually respond. If they do, send those surveys and offer thank you for completing them. If surveys are not as effective for gathering feedback, poll your guests during the event after each session. A comment section or forum on the website or a five-star or thumbs up/down rating system pops up for immediate feedback. Brining in honest insights as soon as possible will help provide the foundation for better programming as time goes on.