virtual event FAQ

Can My Attendees Network Virtually?

Yes. There are several different ways to incorporate a virtual networking component into your virtual event. Virtual networking can happen before, in the middle, or after your event. Talk to us about your goals, and we can figure out the best platform and format to let your attendees network in a fun, natural way.

My Presenters Are New At Virtual Event, Can Your Help Them?

A presenter’s effectiveness can make or break the attendee experience, and it comes down to preparedness. That’s why we work conduct tech checks with all presenters to train them on how the platform works so they are prepared and comfortable. We also advise on best practices like what to wear, how to address remote attendees, and managing Q&A.

Do You Produce Internally Meeting And Town Hall?

Yes. We’re capable of helping with small internal meetings up to virtual town hall meetings and large multi-location broadcasts. We can support hundreds of simultaneous locations with full AV equipment and technician services for multi-site broadcasting.

Can You Provide Hybrid Events, Too?

Yes. We can seamlessly integrate virtual event production services to supplement your live event. No matter the streaming platform or number of live broadcasting locations, we provide skilled technicians, onsite encoding, detailed contingency plans, and remote viewer support

What If Something Goes Wrong During My Virtual Event?

When things go wrong during live broadcasts it can be a real disaster for both attendees and presenters. That’s why we always plan for emergencies (internet goes down, presenter missed their flight, etc.) and focus on contingency solutions upfront — remote viewer support lines, onsite technicians, pre-recorded audio and video options, 4G internet backups, and more.

What’s The Difference Between A Webcast, Livestream, Webinar, Broadcast Etc?

While webcast and webinar are generally used differently, people often use many terms interchangeably. For more info. and questions about streaming your event, reach us at 9891406080 or email – and we can help you navigate your options.

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