Frequently Asked Questions

Ping Pong

We’ve got a million answers for this one. Here are a few of the top ones:

  • To save yourself from the stress and headache of planning it.
  • To give a new, refreshing boost to a repeat event.
  • To seamlessly manage the often underestimated, challenging logistical nature of an event.
  • Because you’re not sure where to start.
  • Because you started too late.
  • Because planning this event is just 10% of your overall workload.
  • Because you need to make the most out of your budget.
  • Because this event is going to be in the spotlight. Or it needs to be.

Remarkable Ones! Specifically:

  • Sports Events
  • Corporate celebrations
  • Team Building Activities
  • Fun Fest Events
  • Annual meetings
  • Corporate retreats
  • Concerts
  • Branding and product launches
  • Festivals
  • Grand openings
  • Theme Party
  • Team building events

We are a fee-based event management services company. Our fees are based upon an estimation of the hours we will spend working on your event. This fee is agreed upon at the time of contract and only changes should the scope of the project change.

Without a doubt, our ability to plan, manage, and execute seamless logistics. With the right vendors, just about anyone can make an event “memorable.” To make an event smooth, remarkable, and delightful for attendees, one must be able to craft a thorough logistical plan.

There are not many “typical” scenarios when it comes to our clients and events – and we love it that way! One day we have a fundraising event for a couple hundred attendees, and then the next week we have a public festival or a conference for a couple thousand. Occasionally, we have an intimate corporate event for fewer than 100 guests.

We don’t get star struck and don’t like to name drop, but for the purpose of confirming our expertise… Yes. We have worked with many Corporate CEOs, entertainers, and personal. Here’s a very small list: Genpact, Usha International, Bank of America, Fidelity International, and Panasonic

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