Through sports and events we help promote healthy lives, balanced and active communities.

Planning a Corporate Tournament or Sports Event Day at an Outdoor or Indoor sports facility on Pingpong Moments is as easy as calling our office. With a rich history of hosting major, regional and local sporting events, Pingpong Moments has various venues to suit most sports.We draw our strength from over a decade of sports development and management experience in India.Our team of experienced and motivated professionals will always impact through clarity, creativity and passion. We ensure the delivery of our clients' sponsorship rights and benefits, and generate maximum exposure for their brands. We help our partners achieve their business objectives.

Our experienced team can create magical moments for all audiences regardless of the event budget. In many cases we create saleable activations and event assets for social & sponsorship platforms, focused not just on revenue but on helping boost participation and engagement strategy.


Cultures, characters, traditions, colours, etiquette and memories; all sports are unique, and our authentic, measured approach means we integrate with your communication plans by talking to the right people, on the right platform, at the right time – centred, of course, around an exciting live event.